Case: Stuklex – from booklet to digital service

A curated legal database is an indispensable tool for the expert

Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has maintained a legal database of enactments in its field for 20 years now. At first, the database consisted of a simple booklet. But roughly 10 years ago, Edita and STUK combined forces to produce a tailored service to replace the booklet: Stuklex. Over the years, the service has been updated with improvements to its layout and technology, and the materials have been made easier to access with mobile devices.

”With Edita, the transition from print to online has been smooth every step of the way”, says Mari Andersin, Leading Legal Counsel at STUK. Stuklex is just one of the tailored solutions offered by Edita, with which STUK was able to implement an up-to-date database of specialised legislation and other official information. The database compiles the key regulations in STUK’s field of responsibility in one service. In addition to the actual enactments, the site also contains regulations and YVL regulatory guides on nuclear safety issued by STUK, along with their explanatory memoranda.

Effortless access to up-to-date information

Stuklex is largely based on Edita’s own legal databases, from which the content is curated according to the customer’s wishes. The content is available in Finnish, with some of it also translated to Swedish and English. Stuklex provides its users with flexible options for browsing the service and searching for content.

Edita is responsible for providing the contents of up-to-date Finnish legislation, EU legislation and various international treaties in STUK’s area of operations, with the quality and accuracy of this content ensured by Edita’s team of legal editors. Edita has sole responsibility for the technical implementation of the service, but STUK and Edita collaborate in its maintenance.

Better search results for stakeholders

Some of the content in Stuklex used to link to external sources, but now, practically all of the information has been imported into the service, which improves search results. This enables the service to provide even better support for the work of STUK’s own experts as well as that of its stakeholders and other specialists in the field, whether in Finland or abroad.

”Ever since the inception of Stuklex, it has always been clear that it would be an open service. Making all essential regulations effortlessly available to our stakeholders in their amended forms is a part of STUK’s safety work”, Mari Andersin says.

Design by demand

A curated legal database and information service is the best choice for official stakeholder communications or improving an organisation’s legal awareness. It can also supplement the service offering of companies providing compliance and advisory services.

The layout, contents and functionalities of the service are tailored to its application and the customer’s needs.

”Edita’s long track record in information provision and service design is evident in the variety of services we offer. Designing legal information services and solutions that use judicial technology is our core competence”, says Development Manager Altti Mieho of Edita.